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iPhone 7 Brings Science Fiction to Life With Self-Healing, Virtual Buttons in Thin Air

iPhone 7 Brings Science Fiction to Life With Self-Healing, Virtual Buttons in Thin Air


iPhone 7 Brings Science Fiction to Life With Self-Healing, Virtual Buttons in Thin Air

Apple’s iPhone 7 has been making the headlines, particularly after leaks and several patents spotted suggest that the device will be unlike any other iPhone. According to recent reports, Apple may be including hover-sensing technology, dual-lens camera and self healing features to the upcoming phone. Can Apple produce a killer smartphone?

Apple wants to explore more of its iPhone input technology. According to a new patent released by the US Trademark and Patent Office, Apple is working on a hover-sensing multitiuch display that can possibly allow people to push virtual buttons into thin air. Since the iPhone 6s already has the 3D Touch force-sensing input, expectations are high that the iPhone 7 will feature the hover technology instead. The patent is entitled “Proximity and multi-touch sensor detection and demodulation.” It discusses the use of photodiodes, multitouch displays and other proximity sensing hardware to extend the user’s interaction with their smartphones beyond the screen. According to the patent’s abstract:

“The use of one or more proximity sensors in combination with one or more touch sensors in a multi-touch panel to detect the presence of a finger, body part or other object and control or trigger one or more functions in accordance with an ‘image’ of touch provided by the sensor outputs is disclosed.” However, as with other patents filed by Apple, the technology may or may not find its way to the iPhone 7, depending on Apple’s decision.

Nonetheless, it is not the only point of interest for the upcoming device. According to DigiTimes, Japan- and China-based camera lens makers along with Taiwan-based Largan Technology already sent out dual-lens camera test samples to Apple. The samples will be potentially included in Apple’s next iPhone. Furthermore, the source who is familiar to the matter, also points out that Largan makes up more than 60 percent of Apple’s smartphone camera supplies. Market analysts think that the tech giant is still sourcing out dual-camera products from other suppliers to mitigate any potential risks.

There are also reports that says that Apple may be working on a technology that allows its iPhone to determine problems within its interface and act on it accordingly and on its own. A report from 9to5Mac says that Apple may also get rid of the rear camera bump and incorporate a thinner camera module. The company has not divulged any official specs of the iPhone 7 yet. All leaks, reports and expectations should be taken with a grain of salt until the official announcement.

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