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iPhone 6C Release Gets Delayed; Latest Specs And Details

iPhone 6C Release Gets Delayed; Latest Specs And Details

Morning News Roundup

iPhone 6C Release Gets Delayed; Latest Specs And Details

iPhone 6C release is delayed. Is this due to Samsung’s competitive strategies? Find out the new specs in this report.

Apple has delayed the launch of iPhone 6C. Can Samsung’s “Ultimate Test Drive” Program be a reason behind it? Read on to know more.

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6C, which was rumored to be just 4 inches and set to be launched next month, has been delayed. According to 9to5Mac, Apple will eventually launch an iPhone with a smaller screen, as small as 3.5 inch display.

According to the site, Apple is working on an iPhone whose display would be the same as other iPhones – iPhone 5C, 5 and 5S to be specific.

Tech followers know how Apple has been under a constant risk of losing its loyal fans base to Samsung. Not just Samsung, but almost all the smartphones manufacturing giants are after Apple. Where some are imitating the brand and selling the product for a price much lower than the iPhone, others are trying to come with better features than the iPhone.

As Samsung has now gone a step ahead and is asking iPhone users to trade in their old phones to Samsung retailers and take home $100 check, other companies would now rack their brains for better marketing strategies attacking Apple directly, just like Samsung.

Delaying the launch when Samsung is already offering iPhone users a $200 for their “ultimate test drive” program by purchasing any of their newly launched phones, is a smarter step or not will be known only after the brand launched this phone. But it looks like that Apple is thinking of something bigger and better.

Right now, Apple is also busy with upcoming iPhone 6S. This latest smartphone from Apple is rumored to hit the markets in a royal rose gold color. This smartphone is said to match Apple Watch.

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Apple is not a brand that will not react to competition. It would be interesting to see why Apple has delayed the launch and what plans the company has for its upcoming products.

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