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iPhone 5S Outpaces All Other iPhones

iPhone 5S Outpaces All Other iPhones


iPhone 5S Outpaces All Other iPhones

Not surprisingly and as expected, sales of iPhone 5S now exceeds sales of its sibling iPhone 5C. Comparatively, its sales growth has also exceeded those by past iPhone models like iPhone 5 and the legacy smartphone iPhone 4S. This is based on latest sales data released by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP).

The CIRP research compared the lineup launch of iPhones last September to the launch of iPhone 5 almost exactly the year before. It has found that iPhone 5S has already outsold all of its counterparts during its first quarter after launch (last quarter of the year).

First three months of iPhone 5S/iPhone 5C

In the period covering October to December, sales of iPhone 5S was up to 59% in the market. This way, iPhone 5S sales instantly exceeded sales of iPhone 5 and other models. In comparison, in the same period in 2013, iPhone 5 was able to obtain up to 50% of overall device sales.

iPhone 5C snagged only 27% of mobile sales from October to December last year. It is interesting how iPhone 5C was expected to be faster selling than iPhone 5S because of its cheaper price tag. However, back then, most analysts reiterated their forecast that iPhone 5S would soon be more popular and in demand than iPhone 5C.

iPhone 5C started to become a disappointment for many analysts and consumers when it has become unreasonable. Before its launch, many thought it would finally be Apple Inc’s foray into the mass market. However, after the launch, many were dismayed because they still find its price tag to be quite expensive.

For its part, iPhone 4S may still not be considered as a spent force. During the same study period, its sales rose 14%. To date, iPhone 4S is considered as a legacy phone because most of the advanced features of the modern iPhones were first initiated on it.

iPhone 5 and iPhone 6

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C were simultaneously launched in an Apple event last September. Before the launch, many speculations surfaced about the two. Initially, many consumers were delighted to hear that iPhone 5C would be the first ever plastic phone by Apple. Its casing also comes in more vibrant color options.

However, in terms of technological and advances features, the iPhone 5S was a logical sure winner. Through the months, it has proven to be a very valuable investment because of its heightened technology.

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