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iPad Pro With iOS / OS X Hybrid By 2015?

iPad Pro With iOS / OS X Hybrid By 2015?


iPad Pro With iOS / OS X Hybrid By 2015?

iPad Pro With iOS / OS X Hybrid By 2015?Apple had once said it would not release a smaller iPad but now we have the iPad Mini.  Apple also mentioned that it would never unleash an iPhone with a screen bigger than 4 inches. Now we have the iPhone 6 with a 4.7-inch screen and the iPhone 6 Plus, with the humongous 5.5-inch display. So, should users dismiss the rumors regarding an iPad Pro with a massive 12.9-inch Retina display running Apple’s desktop operating system, OS X Yosemite?

Earlier this year, a lot of speculations came out about Apple’s plan to manufacture a bigger tablet than its current line of iPads and iPad Airs.  Rumors have already christened the 12-inch device as the iPad Pro and adding that it will not run on Apple’s mobile operating system, presently iOS 8.0.2, but will be installed with Apple’s desktop operating system, OS X Yosemite, instead. Certain quarters believe that this device would greatly appeal to business-minded people and Apple has been developing the device alongside its regular iPad lines.

Now, a recent report surfaced saying that Apple is not just scheming for a single iPad Pro but is actually contemplating on two iPad Pros – one running on Apple’s regular iOS 8 and another one running, if not the full OS X Yosemite, then a hybrid of Apple’s two operating systems or having the ability to dual boot into either of the two OS.

Making this rumor all the more unbelievable is the fact that during an interview in January of this year, Apple executives mentioned that the Cupertino firm does not have any plan of merging its two operating systems into one. The Apple people also said that both operating systems exist independently to fulfill their respective roles but they are quick to add that Apple has the same vision for the individual operating systems. As proof of this, Apple’s latest iOS 8.0.2 and OS X Yosemite will share what Apple calls the Continuity feature that allows iDevice users to use their devices in conjunction with their iMacs. For instance, a call comes in on the user’s iPhone and the user will be able to answer it using the iMac via Continuity and vice versa. This Continuity feature makes it possible for Apple gadget users to start one task on any Apple device and continue to work on it using other Apple devices.

Though Apple has recently filed patents for touch screen and a Siri-like voice control technology for its desktop systems, this does not necessarily mean the fruit company will be using these technologies any time soon and that these does not, in any way, confirm that Apple will make the much-rumored iPad Pro.

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