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‘iPad Pro Freezes’ After Charging, Users Complain

‘iPad Pro Freezes’ After Charging, Users Complain


‘iPad Pro Freezes’ After Charging, Users Complain

Many iPad Pro users are complaining that after charging their device becomes unresponsive. Read the issues they are facing with iPad Pro in detail here.

iPad Pro has been recently released, but it is already in the news for different reasons. Unfortunately, most of them are criticisms. Here is the first major problem that iPad Pro users are facing.

Most buyers have turned to social media, Apple Support Communities and MacRumors discussion forums to complain about the unresponsive iPad Pro. As per the report published on MacRumors, the tablet freezes if charged for a long time. The users are then forced to hard restart iPad Pro to switch it on. The website also published a few of the complaints on its site. Here they are:

BizzaroClark, a member of MacRumors forum, said, “At least twice I have left my iPad Pro plugged in, once overnight, and once during work. When I returned to my iPad it appeared frozen. Black screen, screen will not wake. I had to do a hard reset twice to get the thing to work again. After the hard reset the battery was 100%.” Another iPad pro user darkfire.shadows wrote on Apple Support Communities, “At night it was down to 40% so I charged it and went to bed. When I woke up it was ‘dead’. It wouldn’t wake up. I needed to perform a hard reset to get it to come to life. Worked on it for a couple of hours and had to run an errand. Plugged it back in as I was going to need a full charge later that day. Came back to it, same thing. Dead.”

The iPad Pro 32GB and 128GB, as well as the LTE and Wi-Fi models, are facing this issue. iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus have also undergone the same problem earlier. Whether the problem is with the devices’ hardware or software is still an unresolved mystery. We hope Apple takes this issue seriously and fix it once and for all.

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