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iPad Mini 4 – Apple’s Best iPad To Date? Read On For Features And Specifications

iPad Mini 4 – Apple’s Best iPad To Date? Read On For Features And Specifications


iPad Mini 4 – Apple’s Best iPad To Date? Read On For Features And Specifications

Too many leaked specifications and pictures of smartphones and news of other gadgets have been keeping the tech industry busy these days. But these are what we should divert our attention to, right?

iPad Mini 4 – What is it going to be like?

Speaking of its computing system, 9to5mac reported about finding some hints in the beta version of OS X El Capitan. This new iPad is rumored to have a split-screen feature which Apple first announced at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June this year. Split-screen would allow you to run two apps at a time. This is just like opening two tabs at the same time on your computer. Looks like multitasking is going to get a lot easier! iPad Air 2 was supposed to be launched with this feature, but for some reasons it was not.

Camera, the most important feature of any gadget today, is said to be only 8 megapixels in iPad Mini 4. This new tablet is also rumored to be just 6.1mm thick, as Apple wants to launch a slimmer version of iPad. Taking this one step further, this tablet may also have a fully laminated display. Now that is something amazing and has full potential to boost the product’s sale.

Also, you can now see how your website will look on an iPad with a split view on Safari 9’s developer tools.

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Enough of just reading the specifications; how about having a look at this beauty? Watch the video to understand what to expect from this upcoming tablet.

Is iPad Mini 4 better than other iPads?

Nothing has been officially announced about the iPad Mini 4 yet. But yes, we can say that speculations, leaked information and rumors have always been right when it comes to gadgets. Now when Apple itself is hinting towards introducing a feature like split screen with this new tablet, we can say that iPad Mini 4 can be one of the most powerful tablets of today.

Taking into account the reputation of the brand, it will not be completely wrong to admit that with this device, Apple is trying to beat the competition to come out on top again. As we know, brands like Motorola and Samsung have been tough competitors of Apple for some time now.

Every other technology expert is comparing Apple with other brands and unfortunately, coming to a conclusion that for the price Apple charges for its products, you can choose other brands that offer features and specifications nothing less than that of Apple at a much lower price.

The iPad is Apple’s chance to stay ahead in the competition. The company has no other option but to introduce features and manufacture a machine that is more powerful than any other machine available in the market today. So we look forward to Apple’s iPad Mini 4 assuming that this device is going to be Apple’s ‘The Best’ till date.

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