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iPad Air 3 Will Feature Smart Connector Just Like iPad Pro

iPad Air 3 Will Feature Smart Connector Just Like iPad Pro


iPad Air 3 Will Feature Smart Connector Just Like iPad Pro

If you have been a fan of iPad Pro and the smart connector that comes along with the 12.9-inch tablet, then this story is for you. The rumors are that the next in iPad line, the iPad Air 3, will offer a Smart Connector. Read on for the complete scoop:

iPad Air 3 is the next rumored tablet from Apple that will hit the market this year. It is expected to be released next month, March 2016 at the Apple event. Why is this tablet in the news? It is for one of its accessories that have been loved by iPad Pro users. It is none other than the Smart Connector.

When it supported iPad Pro’s keyboard, Apple defined the Smart Connector as “a new interface that takes advantage of the two-way conductive fabric in the Smart Keyboard. It allows iPad Pro to provide power to the Smart Keyboard and lets the Smart Keyboard relay each of your keystrokes back to iPad Pro.” In short, smart connector connects iPad and its keyboard, so that you can type flawlessly without any inconvenience. This same accessory will now come along with the latest  iPad Air 3. But if you have been a fan of 3D Touch, here is a disappointing news for you.

iPad Air 3 will not have the 3D Touch feature. As per a report published by 9to5Mac, “The upcoming iPad Air 3 will come in around the size of the iPad Air 2, lack 3D Touch, and include a Smart Connector for a new line of iPad Air-optimized accessories, according to sources. Leaked design schematics have indicated that the device could also include a rear-facing LED flash for improved photography.” So, now you know what to expect from iPad Air 3 – a smart connector and no 3D touch. Waiting for the gadget, aren’t you?


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