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iPad Air 3 Vs Surface Pro: Both Devices Are Excellent

iPad Air 3 Vs Surface Pro: Both Devices Are Excellent
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iPad Air 3 Vs Surface Pro: Both Devices Are Excellent

The iPad Air 3 is still to arrive in stores, but the market is already abuzz with excitement surrounding the upcoming release by Apple. On the other hand, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 is a ‘laptop killer’ and is a powerful alternative to the bulky hardware. We can understand the dilemma of consumers choosing between the iPad Air 3 and Surface Pro 4. Therefore, this article compares both the devices and gives you an idea.


The Cupertino-based tech giant has lots of plans for the iPad Air 3 with regards to design, features and technology. The groundbreaking iPad Air 3 is expected to flaunt a significant 9.7-inch 4K resolution panel, reports IBTimes.

The Surface Pro 4 falls nothing short of the iPad Air 3, which replaces your laptop and boasts a meticulously crafted design. It is a sheer delight to work on its 12.3-inches screen that offers extremely high contrast with low glare to make it soothing to the eyes, notes Microsoft.

Physical Configuration

Apple Insider notes down that the iPad Air 3 will supposedly come with a Smart Connector port just like iPad Pro. Its case design further reveals new space slots on the device with four separate holes for the speakers. This suggests that the device will add support for a connected keyboard and other accessories. On the contrary, the Surface Pro 4 is lighter, yet powerful, and switches from tablet to laptop in a snap with an improved keyboard and multi-position kickstand.


As for the performance, the iPad Air 3 is rumored to sport an A9 processor, which is more efficient and powerful than the A8 processor. Nonetheless, speculations are still on that the device might be powered by A9X processor, and if it is true, then the iPad Air 3 will perform far better. The processor will be supported by 3 or 4GB RAM.

Defined as your mobile workstation, the Surface Pro 4 houses 6th generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processor will help you run multiple programs. Running all types of Office products seamlessly, the device enhances your productivity.

Official blog of iPad Air 3 states that the device will come at a minimum price of $610. The Surface Pro 4 will cost you Rs. 89,900 (approx. US$1325).

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