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iPad Air 3 Launch Date Set For March, Rumors Suggest

iPad Air 3 Launch Date Set For March, Rumors Suggest


iPad Air 3 Launch Date Set For March, Rumors Suggest

iPhones, MacBooks, iPads and what not? A lot is expected from Apple in the year 2016. With March approaching, the tech market is full of predictions and rumors. One of such rumor is about Apple’s revamped tablet which may be called iPad Air 3. Along with iPhone 5se, experts believe that iPad Air 3 launch date is also set for the March event.

To be closer to the date, iPad Air 3 launch date might be set in the week of 14th March, as the Apple event may happen anytime in the same week. This revamped tablet from Apple is said to be sporting a 9.7-inch screen and will also support Apple Pencil. As Engadget believes, this new iPad Air will be introduced with “better speakers and a rear camera flash” along with “a faster processor like the iPad Pro’s A9X.” Rumors also suggest that this upcoming tablet would have LED Flash fitted for rear camera so that users can click better pictures even in poor lighting conditions. Though nothing is known about iPad Air 3 yet, experts believe that this revamped tablet may borrow some pages, not more than one or two, from iPad Pro. Along with iPad Air 3 launch, new models of Apple Watch are expected at the March event.

Shedding some light on why Apple may be launching an iPad Air after such a long time, 9to5Mac in its story about iPad Air 3 launch said, “Earlier this week, Apple indicated that iPad sales have fallen significantly year-over-year, dropping 25% from the year ago quarter. The lack of an update to the most popular iPad model, the Air line, likely contributed slightly to this drop. A notable update to the 9.7-inch iPad is part of Apple’s goal to increase iPad sales this year.”

Let’s wait for March and see what all products Apple launches at the event.

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