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iPad Air 2 Leaked Parts Show Apple’s Plan For Its Device

iPad Air 2 Leaked Parts Show Apple’s Plan For Its Device


iPad Air 2 Leaked Parts Show Apple’s Plan For Its Device

iPad Air 2 Leaked Parts Show Apple Plan For Its DeviceJust a few days before Apple’s October 16 media event this coming Thursday, the rumors and part leaks keep coming in and this time a certain Taiwanese website posted several photos purported to be device parts which Apple will incorporate into the latest iteration of its iPad Air.

Apple has confirmed the rumors about its supposed October 16 affair by sending out invitations to certain media people and other selected guest last week where the Cupertino firm is expected to launch its updated iPad lines which include the iPad Air and the iPad Mini. For convenience’s sake, the media has dubbed the next-gen iDevices as the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 which seems logical unless Apple chooses another name convention for their updated devices.

First on the list is the glass cover/display with incorporated digitizer supposedly intended for the iPad Air 2.  From the photo, it seems that Apple will not be using the rumored laminated display technology it applied to the new iPhones which would have given the iPad Air 2 an even thinner profile. But remember that these are only leaked parts and knowing Apple, nothing is final until Apple says it’s final.

Next is what appears to be a full logic board for the iPad Air 2 showing not the rumored A8 processor at its core but an A8X system on a chip (SOC). When Apple released the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus this September, the company’s flagship mobile handsets carried the A8 processors with them.  If this leaked photo is indeed intended to go into the new iPad Air 2, could this mean that Apple wants to differentiate its tablet line a bit further from its phone line by adding more digital crunching to power to it?  More users are apt to use their tablets for gaming purposes compared to their phones so this move to increase the iPad’s digital image processing prowess could give users an added incentive to shell out their hard-earned cash for Apple’s new tablets. There is also this rumor saying the new iPad Air 2 will get its RAM boosted to 2 GB, and with this working concurrently with the A8X chip, Apple might just pull off the split screen multitasking mode designed with iOS 8.

It has long been rumored that the new iPads will have TouchID Fingerprint Sensors and looking at the photo shown below, we can clearly see the stainless steel Home button with the TouchID
detection ring similar to those used in the new iPhones. This is enough proof that Apple’s new iPad lines will surely have the security feature akin to its mobile handsets.

Lastly, the photo shown below is the volume control flex cable with the volume up, volume down and what appears to be a microphone. This could mean that engineers at Apple may really do away with the mute/rotation button to give the new tablets an even thinner profile.

Users won’t have to wait long as Apple’s October event is just a couple of days away so be sure to stay stuck as the news rolls in on all things Apple.

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