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iPad Air 2 Benchmarks Boast Its Processing Power

iPad Air 2 Benchmarks Boast Its Processing Power


iPad Air 2 Benchmarks Boast Its Processing Power

iPad Air 2 Benchmarks Boast Its Processing PowerShipments of the iPad Air 2 are expected to reach their respective owners within a couple of days now and naturally, users are extremely excited to see how the new iDevice works for them.  Being the flagship device of the line, critical components of the iPad Air 2 have been totally improved by the Cupertino firm to greatly increase its functionality and boost its overall performance.

Now, several performance benchmarks surfaced showing just how powerful Apple’s new tablet is and these may have also confirmed just what is inside the new A8X processor which powers the gadget.

The first benchmark shows a device named “Apple iPad5,4” which is way ahead of other devices in the chart and that this device is the LTE-capable iPad Air 2 according to the IPSW files that Apple makes available to its developers. The benchmark source said that with this performance leap, the A8X chip may have a triple core processor.

On another benchmark test done by the same source, this time focusing on RAM speed, the results show that the “Apple iPad5,4” does have a full 2GB of RAM.

A few days before Apple introduced the iPad Air 2 during its October 16 event, photos of purported leaked parts intended for said device were uploaded to the net and one of these is a picture showing the logic board with a processor and the device’s RAM on it.  Upon closer inspection, the said processor turned out to be the A8X chip which now powers the iPad Air 2 and 2GB of RAM.

From the start, it has been Apple’s practice not to reveal what components are put into their devices and instead, concentrate on giving performance advantages of their new devices over existing ones.  For instance, the Cupertino company said that the new A8X chip, which is under the hood of iPad Air 2, is 40 per cent faster than its predecessor, the A7 processor, which powers the iPad Air.  Apple also said that the integrated graphics processing unit in the new A8X is 2.5 times faster than that in the A7 while still maintaining the 10 hour battery longevity.

Apple may have their own reasons to keep technical secrets from their users but as long as their devices deliver what users want, it is safe to say that users won’t mind one bit.


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