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iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini Retina 2 Could Be In Stores By October 24

iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini Retina 2 Could Be In Stores By October 24


iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini Retina 2 Could Be In Stores By October 24

iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini Retina 2 Could Be In Stores By October 24This is the day that iPad fans have been waiting for as Apple will conduct its media affair today where the Cupertino firm is expected to unveil the heirs to its iPad Air and iPad Mini lines as well as the much-touted iMac with the 27-inch 5k Retina Display. Users will also find out if the rumor about the 12-inch MacBook not coming out is true or not.

Some quarters believe that Apple has already started to ship out at least one of the products to be unveiled during the said event and this device is most likely the iPad Air 2. Murmurings say that Apple wants the sale of updated iDevice to start by October 24, just a week and a day after it’s unveiling. Still, others believe that Apple will also make the third generation iPad Mini available alongside its bigger sibling during the said date.

Quoting KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo:

“Of the new products, we think the market will be more interested in iPad Air 2. However, as the poor yield rate of anti-reflective coating cover lens has delayed mass production, we estimate 2014 shipments of iPad Air 2 of 7- 9mn units, lower than the 12mn units of the then-new iPad Air shipments in 2013. We thus expect iPad Air 2 to contribute less to the supply chain than iPad Air did last year. We also don’t expect the event to boost supply chain shares much.”

The iPad Air 2 will definitely be the star of the event and has been rumored to have gotten the most updates compared to other devices which will be introduced during today’s media affair. Some leaked photos purported to be parts of the revitalized iDevice suggest that the iPad Air 2 will have a new and more powerful A8X processor, the TouchID Fingerprint Sensor, 2 GB of RAM and a thinner profile as Apple engineers removed the mute/rotation button.

Very little is known as to what Apple has done to improve the third generation iPad Mini. Aside from the rumored TouchID Fingerprint Sensor and a slew colorful Smart Covers , not much has been said about what other enhancements the mighty Mini could offer would-be buyers. Another reason for the limited information about the new iPad Mini could be the rumored 12.9-inch iPad Pro that has been keeping Apple engineers busy for its 2015 debut.

On the iMac side of things, fans will surely see the 27-incher unveiled today but whether Apple will make its new all-in-one available for purchase on the 24th is still anybody’s guess.

On a positive note, OS X Yosemite might be readily available for download once the new operating system has its share of the limelight during today’s event.

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