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iOS Vs Windows 10: Why Apple Is Better Than Microsoft

iOS Vs Windows 10: Why Apple Is Better Than Microsoft
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iOS Vs Windows 10: Why Apple Is Better Than Microsoft

Apple vs. Samsung is a popular battle. Not just Samsung; almost all brands are competing and trying to beat the iPhone maker one way or another. Now, with the entry of Windows 10, especially in the mobile domain, there is another company waiting to grab the number 1 position. We have always compared all the latest launches from Apple and Samsung; now it’s iOS vs Windows 10, the battle between a well-established and a relatively new operating system.

Windows 10 today is, without a doubt, the most beloved operating system in desktops. When it comes to mobile phones, Microsoft still has to do a lot of work to make things flawless. If you are a regular tech follower, you must be aware what has been happening with the Windows 10 mobile rollout. After postponing the update for several months, it has finally been released.

Microsoft being Microsoft, there has to be a problem with the update. So now we come to know that the company has skipped some of the Windows 8.1 devices that were earlier declared compatible with the latest operating system.

Same cannot be said for iOS. Old or new devices, iPhones do get the latest update. As ZDNet has mentioned in one of its post, “take the iPhone 4S, which was released back in October 2011 and has supported five major iOS releases so far (iOS 5.0 to iOS 9.3). Or what about the iPad 2, which was released in March 2011 and has seen six major iOS releases (iOS 4.2.1 to iOS 9.3).”

It is true that Microsoft still needs to work a lot on its mobile update if it really wants to sell Lumia phones or upcoming rumored Surface phones. Chances are, the Surface line of phones are advanced and will be ready to support every other Windows 10 mobile update. Right now, when it comes to iOS vs Windows 10, Apple is a clear winner.

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