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iOS 9 Preview: Beta Version For Developers Suggests Improvements

iOS 9 Preview: Beta Version For Developers Suggests Improvements
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iOS 9 Preview: Beta Version For Developers Suggests Improvements

iOS 9 is out for a developer preview – for a while, at least. The iOS version was long-awaited especially after the message bug issue, and it would be more or less safe to say that this version has some improvements over the last operating system that was presented by Apple.

Yes, it’s true that just like other iOS beta versions, this version has bugs and crashes, but as reported by Gizmodo, the system is running fine. The report also suggests that Apple has promised to release a beta version for the general public anytime during this month.

Apple Music Already Available

Let me start with the biggest update Apple has brought into the surface this year, and that is Apple Music. You don’t need to wait for the iOS update in order to get the app on your device.

According to Wall Street Journal, “Apple’s brand new streaming music service is a lot like the first iPod. If you’ve already used Spotify, Rdio or the handful of other streaming music services, there’s nothing remarkably new or different about Apple’s.”

As mentioned, Apple has brought around 30 million songs under one platform, and those, too, are free for three months. So it’s worth giving a try.

Apple Map Competes Google Map

For the first time ever, Apple has overhauled a mapping system that can compete with Google Maps. It has public transit directions. However, the directions are limited to San Francisco, London, New York and Toronto. The map comes with walking directions inside train stations. Yes, there is a scope of improvement as far as accuracy is concerned and traffic information is related.

Finally An iOS That Improves Battery Life

iOS 9 comes with a low-battery power-saving mode meant for making your device run for a longer period of time. Most background features are disabled in the mode owing to longer battery life. You will have to actively check your email and social media updates but that is fine as long as your phone is going to survive low battery issues.

Siri Gets An Update, Too

Siri 2.0 will be available with the new iOS and as far as the preview is concerned, it’s not running quite well. The contact suggestions are drawn from iMessages and your phone calls. Anyone who is on your WhatsApp, Snapchat and email will not show up. Siri has just changed its position on your phone. You have to swipe left from the main screen to get the search bar on the top. It was meant to be a competitor for Google Now, but it’s not at all close.

UI Changes Done, Too

The new iOS 9 does not change the design of the iPhone screen completely but there are some small changes which makes it easy to navigate through the operating system of the phone. As Gizmodo points out, “Instead of the 2D card view you used to get on double-tapping the home button, you now get a 3D carousel of cards, going backwards in time. It’s exactly the sort of minor change that’s littered around iOS: kinda neat, but certainly not life-changing.”

Settings has finally got a search key and a shift key is assigned to morph between lower and upper cases of the characters.

The most important part is that even with so many changes, the iOS 9 preview does not make a user an iOS fan if he is not too keen about it. However, for those who always wanted an iDevice while waiting for some improvements, this is the right time to grab one.

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