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iOS 9 Features Expected To Be Revealed In Weeks

iOS 9 Features Expected To Be Revealed In Weeks
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iOS 9 Features Expected To Be Revealed In Weeks

Weeks before the anticipated launch of iOS 9, its features have been leaked. Apple’s worldwide conference is about to be held this June and according to speculations, iOS 9 will be announced on that day. However, it is reported by that the new operating system will have a new app called Home.

According to the report, iOS 9 features will have a Wi-Fi garage door opener, smart thermostat, wireless door lock feature and much more. It is part of the HomeKit that Apple announced last year in WWDC.

The website also reported that though Apple did not speak much about the HomeKit, it continues to work on it and users of iPads and iPhones will get the feature with the iOS 9 upgrade.

According to report from, users may even get a split-screen feature with the new iOS in store. This would make multitasking quite easy. It may support ½, 1/3 and 2/3 view of the screen, and users will be able to display two separate apps side by side.

According to Gizmo, if you are using an old version of the device, you will not be able to upgrade to the new iOS. If it does not have a Lightning connector, it will not be able to get the upgrade. Last year, with the iOS 8 upgrade, iPhone 4 became obsolete. This year, there is a high chance that iPhone 4s will become obsolete.

The website also reported that the new technology will not require much space for update. In the case of iOS 8, 4.6 GB space was required for the upgrade, which was difficult for many devices with 8GB and 16GB storage. This may not be repeated with the new version.

iOS 9 may have some features dedicated to the Apple Watch. While the past upgrade did so much for the flagship device, you can expect more from iOS 9. Apple Watch already has Siri, Healthkit and more, thanks to the current version of the operating system. It is expected that connectivity and functionality will improve with the latest version.

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