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iOS 9.3, Night Features and More Details: Should You Upgrade?

iOS 9.3, Night Features and More Details: Should You Upgrade?
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iOS 9.3, Night Features and More Details: Should You Upgrade?

Apple just finished its March 21 event and the market was greeted with several new releases including the iOS 9.3. According to the announcement, the latest OS from the tech giant also features a Night Shift mode with multi-user support. Should users upgrade to the software?

Users can now download the Apple iOS 9.3 update. Although the firmware is just a minor release, Apple is still offering some interesting features for iPhones and iPads. The one feature that catch user’s attention is the Night Shift mode.

The feature is much like the F.lux tool, according to The Verge. The Night Shift mode reduces the amount of blue light that emits from the screen. According to previous studies, the bright blue light from most phones were linked to trouble sleeping. This time, it appears Apple wants users to get better sleep.

On top of the Night Shift mode, Apple has also improved the Notes app security and added a number of multi-user OS support. Users can now protect their Notes with a password. They can also unlock the Notes via Touch ID. This can be useful for people who are saving sensitive information like other passwords and bank account details. Additionally, Apple has improved the News app. Its “For You” section has turned out to be more personalized offering suggestions, trending topics and interests.

The iOS 9.3 is compatible with products like iPhone 4S or later, iPad 2 or later, iPad mini or later, iPad Pro and 5th generation iPod touch or later. Once the update becomes available, users should receive notification. For those who have not received the update, go to Settings > General > Software update. Forbes’ Gordon Kelly, argues that the iOS 9.3 is a major release and that users can expect a number of bug fixes in the next few years.

“Given iOS 9.3 is a major release, I would only expect minor bug fixes over the next few months. That said, initial reports suggest (aside from occasional verification delays due to massive download demand) this is a stable release,” wrote Kelly.

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