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IOS 8.0.1 Coming Sooner Than Expected – Brings Bugs Fixes

IOS 8.0.1 Coming Sooner Than Expected – Brings Bugs Fixes


IOS 8.0.1 Coming Sooner Than Expected – Brings Bugs Fixes

IOS 8.0.1 Coming Sooner Than Expected – Brings Bugs FixesIt’s been more than a week now since Apple released the latest iteration of its mobile operating system, iOS 8, but it appears that users will be seeing a very early update for the OS as rumors say the Cupertino firm has already seeded the iOS 8.0.1 update to its carrier partners.

Continuous development is common for any technology company and Apple, being one of the giants in the industry, has never ceased its research and development especially when it comes to its hardware and software. Though the company has just recently released iOS 8, development for the mobile operating system has never stopped and the smart engineers at Apple know that users will eventually encounter some sort of bug/glitch/problem when they update to the new OS. Thus, even when iOS 8 has not been released yet, they were busily finding bugs and fixing them as they were found.

Now, as the rumors continue, the iOS 8.0.1 update will address a number of issues which may include the Phone app, the Keyboard, Safari, Sharing and VPN, among others. For the Phone app, the update will fix the call forwarding bug and the freezing problem when trying to access visual voicemail. The update will also address the issue of the keypad not appearing when entering the iCloud keychain verification codes. In Safari, a lot of users complained that some video would not load or play and the update will see to it that all web-based videos will play. As far as sharing is concerned, the update will make sure that support for Passbook in Airdrop is a go. Lastly, the update will fix the problem of profile installs for VPN.

Aside from these bug fixes mentioned, users can also expect some minor improvements and other fixes but these may be so minor that Apple deemed not to say anything about them at all. Surely, all of these changes are very well documented in Apple’s headquarters and if you’re the truly technical type who would want a complete log of every little change that Apple makes, then you can always visit Apple’s site to know more about all the technical stuffs your mechanical heart desires.

The question here now is why Apple has not addressed the major issues which involve Wi-Fi connectivity and data speed that a lot of Apple users are grumbling about. Well, in iOS 8.0.2 perhaps?

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