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iOS 7 breaks records after 70% user adoption rate in just two months

iOS 7 breaks records after 70% user adoption rate in just two months


iOS 7 breaks records after 70% user adoption rate in just two months

iOS 7 Breaks RecordsApple Inc has proven that its iOS 7 is the most popular mobile operating system to date in terms of early adoption by users. This is because two months following the release of the system, it has been installed and adopted by over 70% of all iOS devices across North America. This is based on data from Chitika, an Internet-based ad network.

This also means that iOS 7 continues to significantly outpace the adoption rate of its predecessor, iOS 6. In comparison, iOS 6 reached an adoption rate of 83% six months after its September 2012 release. For iOS 7, it only took two months for it to reach a 70% adoption rate. It is expected that it would break and overtake the record of the previous OS in less than six months.

Quick adoption rate

The fast adoption rate of the system is just continuing a winning streak. Since its release, iOS 7 has already been breaking records. For one, it was instantly adopted by up to 18% of all iOS users across North America just within 24 hours after its September 18 release. That made it faster than iOS 6, which was adopted by about 14.8% of users in the region within 24 hours after its 2012 release.

It may be interesting to note that iOS 7 is also one of the most criticized operating systems from Apple. Since its release, many users have already been complaining about its flaws and issues. The technology firm has already issued several patches to fix some identified issues related to the use of the system. Many users were even complaining about the modified interface.

Better expectations

iPhone users were also more open to adopting iOS 7 than their iPad using counterparts. This could be because there are some features that are not liked by tablet users. Many of them complain about not being able to enjoy AirDrop in iOS 7 for iPad 2 and iPad 3.

Chitika’s analysts believe that iOS 7 would certainly surpass the 90% adoption rate generated overall by iOS 6 on its entire lifetime. They are sure that iOS 7 would reach and exceed that rate within a much shorter and faster timeframe. In comparison, its adoption rate is also far much better compared to adoption rate of rival Google Inc’s KitKat, the latest Android for mobile operating system.

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