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iOS 10 Rumors: New Light Mode, Quick View Shortcuts Shown In Concept Video

iOS 10 Rumors: New Light Mode, Quick View Shortcuts Shown In Concept Video
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iOS 10 Rumors: New Light Mode, Quick View Shortcuts Shown In Concept Video

Tech enthusiasts are getting restless waiting for this year’s WWDC where Apple is rumored to reveal its “milestone” iOS 10, the operating system for iPhone 7 due for release in the fall. Amidst heights of iOS 10 rumors doing the rounds, a group of Apple fans has dreamed up all the possible features that could be included in the iOS 10 in a concept video. has quite the imagination as they have conjured up what looks like every Apple user’s dream and more, reports TechnoBuffalo. The swiping function, for one, seems to be involved in accomplishing a number of tasks in iOS 10. These include checking and answering messages and the simultaneous installation of all app updates on the Apple Store.

The reason the swipe function is endowed with such purposefulness is probably due to the 3D Touch rumored debut in the upcoming iPhone 7.

The lock mechanism and notification alerts in iOS 10 may receive a significant upgrade, observes Cult Of Mac. Having a glance at the current weather conditions or hitting the snooze button on the daily alarm might be possible without unlocking the screen. Having separate color bars for different app notification would also be a welcome change from the traditional (and maybe a little boring?) monochromatic notification alerts.

When it comes to color change, the new iOS 10 may dare to experiment with an all-black screen, with the letters appearing in white, which means users will have twin options to choose, between a “Light” and a “Night” Mode.

However, these are still speculation, with no way of confirming what kind of software upgrade is lined up for iOS 10. But with the iPhone 7 already being rumored as having no attractive hardware as such, people are surely hoping that iOS 10’s software has enough oomph in store to spice things up for the device.

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