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iOS 10 Release Date & Features To Expect

iOS 10 Release Date & Features To Expect
iOS 10 beta y OS X 10.12 comienzan las pruebas de Apple iphonedigital / Flickr cc


iOS 10 Release Date & Features To Expect

Apple has been facing a lot of heat lately due to disappointing leaks of its upcoming flagship phone in September. Fortunately, the tech giant has an exciting announcement during its developers conference in San Francisco.

A press release by Apple last month confirmed that the company will be revealing iOS 10 during the conference. The new OS is said to include many features to improve performance and functionality of the current model and the upcoming iPhone 7.

iOS to be revealed during Apple’s WWDC on June 13?

According to Telegraph, the new update is rumored to bring in Apple Pay. The platform will allow users to transact on other sites and through apps in the smartphone. The update will include a verification process via passcode and the usual fingerprint scanner. However, reporters have come across loopholes to bypass the fingerprint scanner. We hope the new update would rectify this issue.

Next up is Siri’s new ability to read voicemail. The rumor suggests that the voice navigator will be able to go through your inbox and allow you to select the message you want Siri to read. However, the option would only be available to the built-in mail box rather than Gmail or other email apps.

Interestingly, the next rumored feature involves the ability to remove default apps from the devices. But according to Tim Cook, the removal of these apps could hamper the device’s functionality. But we believe the new update would at least allow us to hide the apps from our devices.

The weather app is one of the best functioning features on Apple’s iPhones. Unfortunately, as pointed out by Know Your Mobile, its features are not available on the iPad. Perhaps iOS 10 could be our last hope?

Finally, it comes down to when we can expect the release of iOS 10. Telegraph believes, following the official reveal in WWDC, that Apple would wait until they can release the update with a new device. iOS 10 may be included in iPhone 7, releasing this September, and the new update would arrive shortly after the release.

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