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iOS 10 Jailbreak Update: Cracked OS To Be Open Source Like Android

iOS 10 Jailbreak Update: Cracked OS To Be Open Source Like Android
iOS 10 beta y OS X 10.12 comienzan las pruebas de Apple iphonedigital / Flickr cc


iOS 10 Jailbreak Update: Cracked OS To Be Open Source Like Android

December is officially here, and Pangu is once again in focus. With recent weeks building on a potential iOS 10 jailbreak, the Chinese hacking group has to either put up or shut up.

It was previously made known that Pangu finally has a working iOS 10 jailbreak filled with new functionalities. Highlighting those features is the ability to make the alleged Apple crack compatible with most devices and more.

Pangu making iOS 10 jailbreak open source

Latest reports, however, claim that there could be something more. Pangu will allegedly come out with an open source iOS 10 jailbreak, which sends mixed signals, Neurogadget reported.

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By making the iOS 10 jailbreak code open source, such would mean that others can do necessary tweaks as they please. If so, this could hint at a possible raw Apple crack, with Pangu indirectly seeking aid from other hackers.

If not for the intent, issuing an open source iOS 10 jailbreak could leave the door open in terms of flexibility on Pangu’s end as well. With Apple expected to roll out iOS 10.2 soon, it could be a provision that would allow them to make changes without having to issue a separate crack, 9to5Mac reported.

Will Pangu release any iOS 10 jailbreak this December?

Either way, the Apple jailbreaking community will likely care less. What most want to see is a fully functional iOS 10 jailbreak out in the open. Most have seen videos put up by aspiring hackers, which have been not much of help.

The inability of hackers to make the iOS 10 jailbreak milestones public has been frowned upon; most are waiting on Pangu or TaiG to come out with a working crack. That could happen this month; then again, maybe not. The best thing to do now is wait and see if Pangu is indeed rolling out an open source system similar to Android.

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