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Invitation-only MX4 Ubuntu Edition Sale Today

Invitation-only MX4 Ubuntu Edition Sale Today
Ubuntu Phone Maurizio Pesce / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Invitation-only MX4 Ubuntu Edition Sale Today

The latest Ubuntu smartphone, the third of its kind, is going on sale today in Europe. The existing Android device of Meizu, MX4, that was released last September, will work as a base for the latest release.

The Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition, as it has been named, will include MX4 features sans Google OS. This latest device will come with Canonical’s operating system that focuses on the home screen.

As disclosed by Canonical, the company is aiming MX4 enthusiasts to circulate the device; this is the only way the company can explain their eccentric selling strategy, which is innovative but can be discouraging for many as well.

You cannot buy the latest Ubuntu Smartphone from a normal outlet; it is available for a price of £299 only from the English-language website of Meizu. Moreover, it is not like placing an order in an e-commerce store; rather, you have to get an invitation.

As explained by vice president of mobile for Canonical, Cristian Parrino, willing customers can get information about the phone by clicking on “an interactive origami wall” on the site. The invites are hidden behind the digital wall and there is a specific number of invites that will be sent out daily.

Parrino did not reveal the exact number of invites available every day but he added that most of the people who will try will get one. And in case one happens to not receive the invitation the first time, they can try again the next day.

The latest Ubuntu Edition of MX4 includes a 5.36-inch screen with 1152 x 1920 resolution, a quad-core 1.7 GHz processor and 20.7 MP camera, which are indeed impressive. However, the downside is its storage space – only 16GB and without any memory slot for microSD cards.

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