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Intex Aqua G2 Launched In India For Just Rs. 1,990

Intex Aqua G2 Launched In India For Just Rs. 1,990


Intex Aqua G2 Launched In India For Just Rs. 1,990

India is one such market where a smartphone of every type has buyers. May it be a high-end iPhone 6S Plus or inexpensive ones like the Intex Aqua G2. Manufacturers hence make sure they have everything for everyone. Smartphones that cost between 1K to 5K are also increasing. The best part is that they offer you almost all the features of mid-range phones.

Intex Aqua G2, another budget phone has been launched in India. It costs only Rs. 1,990. But don’t expect this phone to offer too many things. It’s a very basic smartphone targeted at first-time smartphone buyers. Before buying, read the specifications of Intex Aqua G2. Here are the key specs:

  1. Display: 7.11 cm
  2. Resolution: 240X320
  3. Display Type: QVGA
  4. OS: Android 4.4.2
  5. 2G Support: Yes
  6. Chipset: RDA 8810PL
  7. Storage: 512 MB ROM (This also includes the space utilized by the OS and apps)
  8. Expandable Memory: 32 GB
  9. Camera: 0.3MP rear, 0.3MP front
  10. Battery: 1100mAh Li-ion battery
  11. FM Radio: Yes

With such basic features, who should buy Intex Aqua G2? As Intex puts it, this smartphone is “for people who are new to the world of smartphone.” With the following description, the company further makes it clearer that all it wants is that the people who want to switch to a smartphone should buy Aqua G2. Here is what the description reads:

“The world is progressing, so should you! Bring home an affordable smartphone and welcome the new beginnings”

Trying to convince the non0-smartphone or no-phone users to get a smartphone, the company says, “Experience the digital world in your palms. A phone that lets you do more than calling. Stay connected with your virtual world over the internet and express yourself better and reduce the distance. Welcome the new beginnings!”

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