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International Day Of Peace: Artist Eric Waugh Creates ‘Imagine Again’, Anil Revri Displays ‘Wall Of Peace’, More Campaigns

International Day Of Peace: Artist Eric Waugh Creates ‘Imagine Again’, Anil Revri Displays ‘Wall Of Peace’, More Campaigns
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International Day Of Peace: Artist Eric Waugh Creates ‘Imagine Again’, Anil Revri Displays ‘Wall Of Peace’, More Campaigns

The International Day of Peace is being observed all over the world. Eric Waugh, an artist is marking the day with a 2500 square foot painting of John Lennon.

The Guinness World Record holder is known for the “world’s largest painting on canvas by a single artist” for “Hero” which he made in 2001. Waugh’s John Lennon tribute is titled “Imagine Again” and is on display in Central Park, New York, USA Today reports.

The Texas-based artist earned a Guinness World Record in 2001. His John Lennon painting is 50-foot-tall which shows the musician playing guitar, which is there at the Central Park, West Side Rag added.

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Apart from Wednesday being the International Day of Peace, it is also the 45th anniversary of the release of Lennon’s song “Imagine.” Eric Waugh said in his Facebook post that he hopes his painting will allow people to “Imagine Again.”

“More Peace, more Love, more Kindness,” the artist said. For the John Lennon painting, Waugh used 10 gallons of Valspar Optimus paint provided by Ace Hardware.

The painting is a tribute to Lennon’s dream for “a world without strife, war” or conflict, according to a statement. Meanwhile, another art installation titled “Wall of Peace” by renowned artist Anil Revri is displayed at the Dallas International Airport in Washington DC.

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The Indian-born American contemporary artist’s installation gives the message of peace at a time when terror attacks have become common. “Wall of Peace” is like a giant ­ticker tape that displays English translation of scriptures related to all religions. ­

“Each horizontal band ­of text contains one ­selection from each religion and scrolls across the­ entire surface of the unit. Rays of light emanating from the unit projected onto the viewers as they walk around the work become a symbolic act of cleansing of religious and racial prejudices,” according to a press release. Check the Wall Of Peace here.

Meanwhile, in another related development Influential, a data-first social media influencer platform, teamed up with the UN to launch a social media awareness campaign.

Influential is implementing its industry leading, IBM Watson-enabled technology and activating many of its top social influencers to launch the Hug For Peace campaign. The campaign aims to mobilize as many people as possible to commit to 24 hours of peace in their city, by coming together with a hug, a press release available with Morning News USA said.

Another group called the Jalal Brothers started a social media campaign that challenges people from around the world to share a kiss for peace, a press release stated. The Melbourne pranksters in a video are seen making and distributing $600 care packages for homeless people around an Australian stadium, which went viral and received 12 million views.

It was shared by Tyga on Facebook. Even Avril Lavigne joined the initiative to promote world peace and unity with her Facebook video. Vine star, Kelz Wright has also supported the cause with an Instagram video and Jasmine Luv also pitched in with her video.

International Day of Peace is celebrated each year on Sep. 21. The day has been recognized by the United Nations since 1981.

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