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Intel Compute Stick Now Available On Newegg

Intel Compute Stick Now Available On Newegg
Image from Flickr by Jiahui Huang


Intel Compute Stick Now Available On Newegg


Image from Flickr by Jiahui Huang

The much-awaited Intel Compute Stick is now available for pre-order on Newegg. While it was expected for the product to release in March, the date now shows April 24. People who have pre-ordered the stick are expected to get the product delivered by the end of April. While there were rumors surrounding its availability on Amazon, the website does not acknowledge the product’s availability.

Intel’s compute-on-a-stick is a new concept by the company that converts a monitor to a complete computer with 2GB RAM, 32 GB memory and an Intel Atom processor. The stick comes with preloaded Windows 8.1 or a Linux operating system. From the time it was unveiled on Jan 2015, the stick has grabbed a lot of attention due to its unique design and features.

It was rumored that the Linux price for the Intel Compute Stick will be around $89.99, but websites are selling it for $100. The price of the Windows version remains at $150. The advanced stick is expected to convert a monitor to a desktop computer, but it is not designed to replace a laptop or a real desktop, CNET stressed.

It is also revealed by Intel that the compute-on-a-stick will measure only 4 inches in size and can be plugged into an HDMI port. A microSD card slot is also available to store additional data.

The Intel Compute Stick is believed to provide competition with the Asus Chromebit. However, Intel’s offering is believed to create more craze as it is an operating system-based device.

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