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Intel Aims to Develop Wireless PCs

Intel Aims to Develop Wireless PCs


Intel Aims to Develop Wireless PCs

Intel Aims to Develop Wireless PCsIntel turned heads and grabbed interest of many during the recent Computex trade show held in Taiwan. The reason: the giant chipmaker has talked about the possibility of turning PCs into wireless machines. Yes, the future of PCs could be cable-free.

The company has announced plans to eliminate all forms of cords from home PCs to facilitate wireless display, charging, and docking features. The machines would potentially roam freely as part of the next-generation Skylake platform.

According to reports, Intel intends to use the so-called WiGig standard when it proceeds to create the docking technology to connect devices within a small range. The standard has been set for many years now. However, the many complexities in the wireless technology have been detriment to wider adaptation of it.

But there have been recent developments that make the technology more feasible these days. Sources claim that wireless PCs could possibly be launched into the market in 2016.

The Rezence technology

During the recent Computex, Intel demonstrated the use of a Rezence table that can actually facilitate wireless charging of several devices at the same time. In case you are not familiar, Rezence was launched in December. It is now the official brand name for consumers of the technology developed by the Alliance of Wireless Power or A4WP, wherein Intel is an active member.

Rezence can actually charge several devices simultaneously. But it should be noted that the machines it can charge have varying power requirements.

Wireless charging is currently limited to small devices like smartphones. That could soon have an expansion to PCs. The Rezence expansion was also announced during the conference. The standard would be bolstered to 50 watts and the range of compatible devices would also be increased to include tablets, laptops, and many other consumer electronics products.

The future of PCs

A4WP earlier this year formed partnerships with the Power Matters Alliance or PMA. The goal was to further streamline wireless charging. The two groups are adopting the specifications of each other. They would also collaborate more to create an open network API.

This way, wires and cords could possibly be gone in PCs and other devices in the coming years. This would mean more convenience for many users, which have always been complaining about the hassle of dealing with those cords.  

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