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How To Install Intel Beta Drivers In Your Microsoft Surface and Surface Book

How To Install Intel Beta Drivers In Your Microsoft Surface and Surface Book
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How To Install Intel Beta Drivers In Your Microsoft Surface and Surface Book

Take the risk. You can always roll it back.

For Microsoft Surface and Surface Book users who are having problems with their drivers, you can actually start experimenting and taking risks by installing Intel beta drivers for your Microsoft Surface and Surface Books.

This is only if you’re that brave to go into the unchartered territory of the beta world. This is not really recommended for non-power users and as Windows Central notes, “the new 6th-generation Intel Skylake processors are still quite buggy.”

Still, the risk is worth taking for those who want to take things further and jump into the void.

Now, for Microsoft Surface users, since Microsoft signs off their display drivers, blocking potential non-approved ones to their users, Windows Central gives us these manual steps to take things in our own hands.

  1. Download the beta drivers. You can download them here: You might want to get the 64-bit ones. This zip file name is an example.
  2.  Extract to a new folder.
  3. Right click on the Start Menu and click Device Manager.
  4. Go to Display Adapter and choose Intel(R) HD Graphics 5xx.
  5. Double click on Intel(R) HD Graphics 5xx.
  6. Click the tab names Driver, and click Update Driver.
  7. Choose “Browse my computer for driver software.”
  8. Choose “Let me pick form a list of device drivers on my computer.”
  9. Choose “Have Disk” next.
  10. Choose the folder where you extracted your beta driver zip file earlier.
  11. Then click OK frmo the “Install From Disk” dialogue box.
  12. “Next.”
  13. “Update Driver Software.”

Then the driver will install. It’s normal to see the display flicker a bit.

You can check the driver date once done. You will have to restart your device too.

Fearing you’ve done something grave and dangerous? You can always “Roll Back Driver” or “Uninstall.”

So there, you can install Intel Beta Drivers now on your Microsoft Surface and Surface Book manually.

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