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Instagram’s Two Updates ‘Boon’ To Advertisers

Instagram’s Two Updates ‘Boon’ To Advertisers
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Instagram’s Two Updates ‘Boon’ To Advertisers

Instagram’s latest updates are seen to be a boon for advertisers who may attract potential clients through “contextual advertising” on a social podium, a technology magazine said.

Instagram’s Explore channel allows users to learn about the Trending Tags — known also as popular hashtags — on a specially-dedicated section which is comparably similar to Twitter’s column on Trending Topics.

The newest feature is designed to attract users to get involved in conversations on what is currently brewing on Instagram. Although Instagram does not say whether it may develop plans on monetization, advertisers can take advantage of such functionality and label such as “Promoted Tags,” according to Christopher Heine, an editor of Adweek technology magazine.

On its blog, Instagram said the Explore page makes discovery “immediate and effortless” as trends are developed based on real time happenings from around the world.

“Through trending Tags and trending Places, you can experience moments like #bonnaroo or #fathersday from every perspective. Rich visual content captures everyone’s unique take — not just what the community is talking about, but also what they are doing and seeing,” the Instagram blog said.

Curated Collections

Another feature of the Explore page is a set of new curated collections that updates on a regular basis. The curated collections will feature interesting places and accounts which range from “stunning architecture and gorgeous beaches” to “extreme athletes” and musicians, according to Instagram.

Places Search

Instagram also provides an opportunity to everyone who wish to have a peek at any corner of “any location on earth” with its improved new Places Search. For travel enthusiasts, this service comes handy as they can scout for places for their next vacation trips.

And even if users cannot be somewhere across the globe, the Places Search makes it possible for users to “get a look inside a new establishment or experience a music festival.”

Heine described the Places Search functionality as an opportunity for hospitality marketers to make contextual ads whether “searchlike or native-style promos.”

“Big brands seem to love the platform, and Instagram has been opening up the advertising spigot as of late,” said Heine.

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