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Instagram Launches One-Tap Messaging App

Instagram Launches One-Tap Messaging App


Instagram Launches One-Tap Messaging App

Instagram Launches One-Tap Messaging AppA couple of weeks ago, Instagram drew attention when it accidentally (or intentionally?) mentioned that it was working on its new photo-messaging app. Since then, the launch of that program has been anticipated. But we may not have to wait longer.

Facebook’s photo-sharing app has recently mounted a soft launch of its own one-tap messaging app. It is called ‘Bolt’ and it is specifically designed for Android and iOS. To begin with, many observers think that it is Instagram’s own version of Snapchat.

Bolt enables users to snap and instantly send their short-lived photographs as well as videos to friends after just a single tap. In a statement, Instagram described the new app as a simple and quick photo messaging service.

Bolt features

A user can instantly caption images. However, unlike Instagram that has filters, Bolt doesn’t offer the option for sprucing images. The photos to be sent in the new app would have to unedited. Instagram has an explanation for that. It said this is so to enable Bolt users to share to their friends how they see the world.

A Bolt user can instantly swipe a message away so it would quickly disappear. This is where it differs from Snapchat. Users are not imposed with time limit in terms of how long they can possibly view or look at messages. It is easier to save any composed message for sending later.

New app availability

Signing up for Bolt should be easier. A user can possibly create a new account just by providing his phone number. There is no need to provide any email address, which is the standard in many apps. Upon signing up, it would be easier to add up to 20 Favorites from the contacts list of the phone and start sending and reviewing messages.

On the downside, Bolt is initially available to users in Singapore, New Zealand, and South Africa. This is a strategy that Instagram is taking so it could scale the experience. It intends to launch the new app in other regions soon. It is also a logical approach since it is a fact that up to 65% of Instagram’s users are overseas.

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