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Instagram ‘Highlights’ Emails To Hit Your Inbox

Instagram ‘Highlights’ Emails To Hit Your Inbox
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Instagram ‘Highlights’ Emails To Hit Your Inbox

Instagram is really fighting hard to keep its place in the world of social media by introducing its latest user-oriented features. Increasing the userbase is one of the most vital targets of all online networking platforms.

“Highlights” is the latest feature from the picture-sharing online platform. The update aims to keep the long-time user-base of Instagram intact by providing them with highlights about what is going on with Instagram.

For Instagram users, the list of people they follow keeps on adding up, and at times, the feeds seem never-ending. Scrolling through hundreds of pictures become tiring rather than enthralling, which often work as a reason to put off old users from using the service.

According to a latest report by TechCrunch, Instagram is hoping to condense all current information via mail with the tag line “highlights” and shoot it to your inbox. This is so you can get the gist of what you need, and at the same time, you wouldn’t miss any interesting updates.

This will be done in a similar way Twitter reminds users about tweets they might have missed. Highlight from Instagram will basically include top posts from some of the people being followed by the user.

This new feature has been confirmed by an Instagram spokesperson and the brand has also mentioned it, as promotional emails will be sent out to the inbox of users. Users do not need to subscribe to it separately; however, they can unsubscribe from the service any time by clicking on the link mentioned on the “highlights” mail itself.

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