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Instagram Boasts Having 200 Million Users to Date

Instagram Boasts Having 200 Million Users to Date


Instagram Boasts Having 200 Million Users to Date

What’s new with Instagram? The photo-sharing social site of Facebook has recently announced that its user base has grown to reach 200 million. It said that many people are now regularly using the Website to capture and share the happenings in their lives each month.

This is a milestone for Instagram. It should be noted that most social media sites and even the apps are regarding subscription and user base more importance. To them, the greater the number of users, the more effective the site could be in reaching out to more people worldwide.

An important milestone for Instagram

This significant news came almost 13months after the Website first announced that it had hit about 100 million users. Interestingly, just six months ago, Instagram announced that about 50 million new users were added to its service. To date, the site is boasting of having up to 20 million photographs being posted on the service.

In a blog statement, Instagram said the past six months have been important to its service. That was because many new communities became more active in the use of Instagram. It added that the site is now being accessed in more cities as well as towns all over the world.

During the January Worldwide InstaMeet 8, Instagream said it was seeing record turnouts of new communities. The website could never be happier. Just a few weeks ago, Instagram released an info saying that Manila in the Philippines is the place where most Instagram users are posting selfies.

Many other news about the photo-sharing service

Aside from the news about its user base, it seems that there are too many other things going on at Instagram. First, the Website is slowly severing its ties with Foursquare, which is a location-based online service. Instead, Instagram is bent on shifting to Facebook Places, which could be an appropriate equivalent.

Just recently, the online site also rolled out the latest update to its iOS app. It brought a new slider for its Linux feature to enable users to customize contrast as well as saturation of photos. The site also updated its own Android app that now comes with a simpler design and speedier improvements to allow profile screens to load two times faster.  

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