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Inspiring Janitor Dad Has 5 Kids In Boston College

Inspiring Janitor Dad Has 5 Kids In Boston College
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Inspiring Janitor Dad Has 5 Kids In Boston College

Fred Vautour may not have attended college himself, but his hard work has ensured that all five of his kids do so.

Fred has been working the graveyard shift as a janitor at the Boston College for 14 years – vacuuming, mopping, and sweeping the university’s Robsham Theater, People reports. With a university policy that allows the kids of the employees to study for free, Fred was able to put all of his kids through school.

As reported by CBS News, Fred has proudly wallpapered his house with acceptance letters of each of his five children. His oldest daughter, Amy, was selected for an admission at the university in 1998. His youngest, Alicia, will be graduating with her nursing degree from the university next month.

“It kind of gives you the tingles,” Fred said. “We became a big BC alumni family.”

Fred, who earns $60,000 a year, said he did not think he could have paid for five college degrees. But being an employee at the Boston University, his children attended the school tuition-free. The cost of each child’s education, after scholarships, cost him $3,000. His wife Debra was a homemaker and is currently employed at the front desk at the Waltham Senior Center.

“He really opened the opportunity for us,” Amy said. One of Fred’s sons, Brandon, said, “It was never a question of if we would go to college or not. We will go to college, and that’s what he instilled in us.”

According to Boston Globe, Fred has always worked hard. When he was 14, he started washing dishes at Ritcey’s Seafood Kitchen in Waltham. Two years later, at 16, he became a full-time cook at Ritcey’s and would prepare baked scrod, haddock and Lazy Man’s lobster. His employment at Ritcey’s continued until he was 41; which was when he heard of the opportunity at Boston College, which would give him vacation and sick days. He got the job in 1994.

Fred said the chance of all five of his kids graduating was what motivated him to keep going. “It gave me a reason to be here,” he said. “I used to joke with the vice president that I’d actually work for nothing because my kids are here because of that perk. I could care less if they even gave me a raise because my kids came here.”

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