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Inside Donald Trump’s $30 Million Plane: It’s A Flying Palace!

Inside Donald Trump’s $30 Million Plane: It’s A Flying Palace!
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Inside Donald Trump’s $30 Million Plane: It’s A Flying Palace!

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump surely knows how to lead a luxurious life. The business tycoon is known to be detail oriented and he prefers everything to be perfect.

Trump was on a campaign trail and shared glimpses of his private jet. His Boeing 757 is approximately worth $30 million and is often referred to as Trump’s ‘Air Force One’.

Before Donald Trump acquired the Boeing 757 in 2011, he also owned another luxurious private jet 727, which was replaced. Besides this, he also owns a Cessna Citation X corporate jet designed to seat 12 and two Sikorsky S-76B helicopters built in 1989 and 1992.

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A closer look at the private jets and helicopters owned by Donald Trump shows “Trump” emblazoned on his fleet of jets. The 727 that was once with a Mexican airline in 1990 has been elegantly renovated making it a home away from home for the Trumps.

The Boeing features a living room, a dining room and a master suite with custom designed pillows and bed. It also has an elegantly designed bed embroidered with the Trump crest.

The seat belts, the ceiling light, including a sink as well as everything else is 24-carat gold plated, Radar Online reports. According to the publication his chief pilot is Mike Donovon. The gold if melted can easily gold coat a greyhound bus.

There is a guest area and guest rooms, a main lounge featuring a world class Sky theater. The guest room also features another home theater system and is completely wrapped in wood and is elegantly designed.

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Donald Trump’s ‘Air Force One’ is built to hold 228 passengers; the Boeing 757 is three times the size of the average private jet, New York Times reports.

The aircraft is 47.32 m long, equipped with two high thrust Rolls Royce engine and it is extremely fast and built to take air turbulence very well. It is sleek and one of the most remarkable airplane ever seen.

The flight deck has been upgraded to the state of the art flat panel glass display. Donald Trump’s pilot John Dunkin is one of the best pilots in this industry.

He told Smithsonian Channel’s Mighty Planes that the Boeing is a very fast airplane for a large airplane. “It’s extremely comfortable. It’s kind of like the Ferrari in the airline category airplane” said

According to Boeing, the 757 jets are very strong and can have a top speed of 609 miles per hour. They can fly up to 4000 miles non-stop.

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