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Inmates Kill 4 South Carolina Prisoners To Land Death Row

Inmates Kill 4 South Carolina Prisoners To Land Death Row
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Inmates Kill 4 South Carolina Prisoners To Land Death Row

In a shockingly odd move, two South Carolina inmates killed four mentally ill prisoners so that he could be moved to death row. The murders happened in the Kirkland Correctional Institution, a state prison headed by the South Carolina Department of Correction in Columbia. Guards who uncovered the killings were horrified to see what had been done.

Denver Simmons and his partner Jacob Philip tricked prisoners into going to their cells, so that they could do the dirty deed. Things like cookies and pills were promised to the four prisoners, before they ended up being killed by Simmons and Philip. Both Simmons and Philip were already serving life without parole according to the AP News, but that wasn’t enough for them.

Simmons just wants to die already, and he feels that killing more prisoners will finally land him in death row.

“The more people (you kill), the more chance they’re gonna give it to you,” Simmons said in a statement. Philip has yet to release a statement, though one can assume that he has similar goals to Simmons. Both of them did come up with the scheme to bring other prisoners to their cell, though Philip is younger than Simmons by nine years.

Killing the four inmates was quite the inhumane act, especially when it was revealed that one of them was a friend of Simmons. Both killers stated that they had nothing against the four, but they had to do what was needed to get in death row. AP has confirmed the names of the victims from the April 7 slayings of Ham, 56; Jason Kelley, 35; John King, 52; and Scruggs, 44.

“I’d always joke with him — from back in August and September and October of 2015 — that if we weren’t going to kill ourselves, that we could make a name for ourselves, so to speak, and get the death penalty,” Simmons, told officials. “The end of March of this year, he was willing to do it. So, we just planned to do it. And we did it.”

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