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Indonesia Grabs ‘Cyber Attack Capital’ Title from China

Indonesia Grabs ‘Cyber Attack Capital’ Title from China


Indonesia Grabs ‘Cyber Attack Capital’ Title from China

Indonesia Grabs ‘Cyber Attack Capital’ Title from ChinaLatest report released by online content delivery network Akamai revealed that Indonesia was the origin of the greatest number of cyber attacks around the world in the second quarter. The country topped the list of 175 countries, displacing China, which used to be on its place.

According to the latest Akamai report, Indonesia accounted for up to 38% of online attack traffic in the second quarter. The figure rose from just 21% in the preceding quarter. Thus, it displaced China as the No. 1 cyber attack origin in the period.

For its part, China dropped to No. 2 in the list, accounting for about 33% of total cyber attacks in the quarter. That was down 1% from the first quarter. The US remained at the third spot, although it accounted for just 6.9% of cyber attacks from 8.3% in the last quarter.

Akamai’s top 10 list of cyber attack origin

As a whole, the Asia-Pacific region accounted for a total of 79% of all reported and observed online attacks in the second quarter. The figure rose from 68% in the quarter before it and 56% in the last quarter of 2012. In comparison, the North and South American region and Europe each accounted for over 10% of cyber traffic. Africa accounted for just three-tenths of 1%.

Still according to the Akamai report, up to 89% of all cyber attacks around the world originated from the countries in the list’s top 10. Obviously, Indonesia and China accounted for more than 70% of all cyber attacks. Other countries in the list of cyber attack origins were Taiwan, Turkey, India, Russia, Brazil, Romania, and South Korea.

Targeted ports and Web speeds

Port 443 that is used for secure online browser communication was the most targeted port in the second quarter. It was followed by the WWW system or Port 80. This quarter marks the first time that Port 445 or the Microsoft Directory Services did not top the list.

Meanwhile, Akamai’s study also looked at prevailing mobile speeds in different markets around the world. Hong Kong was on top of the list with connectivity speed of up to 65.1 Mbps. It was followed by South Korea and Japan.

Meanwhile, Akamai has estimated that more than a billion unique online users connected to its platform in the quarter. Global Internet broadband adoption rose 14% in the quarter.

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