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India’s First Woman Uber Driver Found Dead: Bharathi Veerath Facts to Know

India’s First Woman Uber Driver Found Dead: Bharathi Veerath Facts to Know
Uber Woman Taxi Driver In Bengaluru Found Dead BBC WORLD NEWS / YouTube


India’s First Woman Uber Driver Found Dead: Bharathi Veerath Facts to Know

Bharathi Veerath, India’s first female Uber driver passed away. She was found hanged in her apartment earlier this week.

In a land where commercial driving is not really an occupation that women find feasible, Bharathi braved the odds and joined Uber in October 2013.

She had overcome many challenges both in her personal and professional life ever since and had become an inspiration for all Indian women in this patriarchal society.

Bharathi Veerath was Determined

In an interview with Quartz last year, Bharathi recounted how she was always determined to succeed in this profession:

“The male drivers wouldn’t come up and say anything. But I would get stares from them. … It’s their [regressive] mindset, but that cannot really stop me from carrying on with my profession. Eventually, they got used to seeing me around, so they wouldn’t look.”

Bharathi lived alone in an apartment in Bengaluru, India, where she was found dead on 27th June. Police are still in the middle of investigating and are yet to confirm whether it is a case of suicide or some kind of foul play was involved.

No suicide note was discovered ion the scene. Bharathi’s close relatives have stated that she was suffering from depression for a while now.

Bharathi Veerath was Positive

According to Complex, the following statement was released by Uber India spokesperson:

“We are shocked and saddened to learn of the tragic death of Bharathi Veerath. Bharathi was a positive person and one of our top women driver partners. She was an inspiration to many driver partners and riders. Our thoughts are with her family.”

Bharathi Veerath was Confident

Bharathi believed that equal status should be granted to women when it comes to all professions, including commercial driving. Unfortunately, statistics show that most of the professions are male-dominated, leaving women with lower or no confidence at times, to enter into a profession of their choosing.

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