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Indian-Pakistan War: Russia And Pakistan Boost Military Power, America’s Power Continue To Decline

Indian-Pakistan War: Russia And Pakistan Boost Military Power, America’s Power Continue To Decline
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Indian-Pakistan War: Russia And Pakistan Boost Military Power, America’s Power Continue To Decline

More countries are turning to Russia for alliances despite warnings from the United States. Pakistan is now aiming for closer defense ties with Russia as the United States’ influence reportedly wanes across the globe in light of Beijing and Moscow’s ascension to power. Are China and Russia the new world powers?

Pakistan is moving closer to Russia as the United States and India become friendlier. Pakistan will reportedly conduct joint military exercises with Russia, purchasing of arms from Moscow for the first time in many years. Key Pakistani lawmaker and aide to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif confirmed the information.

Russia And Pakistan Growing Friendlier

Furthermore, Pakistani Sen. Syed Mushahid Hussain confirmed the growing ties between the two nations as Pakistan continues to engage in tensed relations with India. Kashmir is also in a tensed state as the India and Pakistan grow apart. India dismissed Pakistan’s decision as a way to push tension levels further.

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According to the Washington Times, Hussain did not provide further details about the period of the bilateral military drills with Moscow. He also refused to comment on the type of weapons that Pakistan would acquire from Russia.

However, the growing relations between Pakistan and Russia only show the shift in global influence. According to the India Times, the influence of America seems to be waning in light of the Russian and Chinese threat.

“(The) US is no longer a world power. It is a declining power. Forget about it,” said Special Kashmir Envoy of Sharif, Mushahid Hussain Syed.

“There has been slow and steady building of relationship between Moscow and Islamabad,” the official further explained on the military drills to happen between Pakistan and Russia.

“Unfortunately under the Obama administration, there was a drift in American foreign policy towards our region, towards Afghanistan. There was confusion and there was a lot of flip-flops. I think, the Obama administration could not figure out this region Afghanistan and Pakistan and as a consequence this region suffered.”

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