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India-Pakistan War: Putin Reportedy Starting Nuclear War; India On Edge

India-Pakistan War: Putin Reportedy Starting Nuclear War; India On Edge
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India-Pakistan War: Putin Reportedy Starting Nuclear War; India On Edge

Russia’s decision to become friendlier with Pakistan could affect its relations with India, according to analysts. Furthermore, as tensions rises across the globe, Vladimir Putin is now put in the spotlight for using nuclear weapons as a possible way of telling the world about who is the emerging power. Will Russia dominate the world?

Russia just dispelled speculations about enforcing its ties with long-standing ally India when it decided to push forward with its military exercises with Pakistan. Now that Russian troops landed in Pakistan, the military exercises are considered a shift in alliances and power in the South Asia.

India On Edge?

“Historically, Pakistan and Russia’s ties have remained strained. Until recently, the relationship between the two countries was shaped by Moscow’s ties with New Delhi. However, Russia’s hesitancy to support its historic ally in the wake of the Uri attack by not calling off the exercises with Pakistan marks a distinct shift in Moscow’s foreign policy,” Umair Jamal wrote for The Diplomat.

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Putin Starting Nuclear War?

However, the report also argued that Russia’s decision with Pakistan will not post any real challenge to New Delhi’s time-tested strategic partnership with Moscow, the developments are still worth monitoring as they could define the world political stage.

There is much attention about who is allying with Russia as Vladimir Putin has been recently accused of possibly starting a nuclear war because of the nuclear style weapons he used in Syria. According to Express, a horrifying video footage just showed an intense flash near a city that eventually resulted to a flaming mushroom cloud. According to the report, the cloud bears a shocking resemblance to a nuclear bomb blast. Russians have been allegedly using weapons of mass destruction to end resistance in Syria. The situation has also resulted to Moscow and Washington exchanging in a war of words.

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