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India, Pakistan Nuclear War Brews: War Looms With US, China Russia Coming To The Rescue

India, Pakistan Nuclear War Brews: War Looms With US, China Russia Coming To The Rescue
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India, Pakistan Nuclear War Brews: War Looms With US, China Russia Coming To The Rescue

India has finally responded back to Pakistan’s attack on an army base in Kashmir with a “surgical strikes”. Can the super powers – the US, China and Russia – prevent the two countries from ripping each other apart?

India and Pakistan have been at each other’s throat ever since Nawaz Sharif became the Prime Minister of Pakistan, but never like this.

India’s “Surgical Strikes”

Pakistan’s attack on Uri, Kashmir near India-Pakistan border, which claimed the lives of 18 Indian soldiers, was not taken lightly by Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Singh Modi, who had declared that the responsible party “would not go unpunished”.

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The opportunity came when the Indian Military was tipped off that some terrorist units had positioned themselves just in the Pakistan-ruled part of Kashmir and were planning to infiltrate into India to launch another attack.

This led the PM Modi to call in an emergency meeting with the Indian director-general of military operations, Ranbir Singh, and hatch a secret plan for “surgical strikes” on the Pakistani militants.

The plan was executed by Indian military troops overnight. As a result “Significant casualties have been caused to these terrorists and those who are trying to support them,” announced Singh in a press release following the attack.

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Pakistan’s Denial

Puzzlingly, though, this is the Indian account of what took place. With the new of India’s “surgical strikes” making global headlines, the Pakistani army issued a press release of their own, calling India’s bluff, reports Al Jazeera.

Calling the entire operation an “illusion” that was cooked up deliberately by the Indian government, the Inter-Services Public Relations in Pakistan stated: “This quest by Indian establishment to create media hype by rebranding cross border fire as surgical strike is fabrication of truth.”

Since there is no way proving the truth, both India and Pakistan have prepared themselves for war, especially a nuclear one, which the super powers want to avoid at all costs.

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Super Powers Call For Peace

Even though China had previously pledged allegiance to Pakistan and promised to lend full support in case of any foreign aggression, the quickly escalating condition between the neighboring countries is not what China had anticipated.

In an attempt to pacify the present situation between the two rival countries, a representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said, “We hope that they (India and Pakistan) can carry out dialogues to properly resolve disputes and maintain regional peace and security,” reports Indian Express.

This is obviously an echo of what John Kirby, US State Department Spokesperson said following the Uri attack, reports The Quint:

“Obviously, an (terrorist) attack like that (in Uri) escalates tensions. What I don’t want to do is try to get into, you know, some sort of broad characterization one way or the other but obviously an attack like this is horrific.”

Russia remains the only nation that has remained silent on the entire affair, maybe because Russian troops are currently practicing anti-terrorist drills in Pakistan right now and the Russian President, Vladimir Putin is due to visit India in the fall.

Is the inclusion of the super powers a good sign or could it just make things worse?

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