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Inbox By Gmail Gets 3 New Features: Streamlined Events, Glanceable Newsletters And Saved Links

Inbox By Gmail Gets 3 New Features: Streamlined Events, Glanceable Newsletters And Saved Links
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Inbox By Gmail Gets 3 New Features: Streamlined Events, Glanceable Newsletters And Saved Links

Google always tries to bring the best to its email service, Gmail. With this Google service, the way we used to send emails has really changed a lot. Since it is the era of the smartphones, there has to be an app for everything. Well, there are apps for apps as well. One such app is Inbox by Gmail which allows you to organise your mails for easy access.

The Google team is now rolling out an update for Inbox by Gmail where they will introduce three new features for the app. What are they?

  1. Streamlined Events,
  2. Glanceable Newsletters, and
  3. Saved Links

Let’s understand these features better and see how they will improve the way you handle your emails. Starting from the “streamlined events,” this feature will pull together all the emails from a single event and will let you know which part of people’s plans have changed for the event. You do not have to track down individual emails related to a particular event.

Next feature that will be introduced with Inbox by Gmail update is Glanceable Newsletters. Are there newsletters that are delivered to your inbox that you have subscribed for and read regularly? Many times, due to the busy schedule, it becomes difficult to track the emails we are really interested in and take time out to actually open and read them. With Glanceable Newsletters, you can now preview the newsletter and click on only the topics that interest you. Once you are done, the newsletter will minimize saving the space in your inbox.

Last, but not the least, Saved Links. Have you ever emailed yourself links to articles or websites that you wish to go through when you get back home or in your free time? With Inbox by Gmail’s Saved Links feature, you can say, “Save to Inbox” and you are sorted. “Simply share the link to Inbox on Android or iOS, or use the new Inbox by Gmail Chrome extension on web. When you check your email, you’ll see your saved links grouped together in one place,” reads the official Gmail Blog.

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