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In China, KFC Serves Pink Buns

In China, KFC Serves Pink Buns
Picture from KFC China Sandwiches / KFC China Website


In China, KFC Serves Pink Buns

If you are ever in China, you might want to stop by KFC to smell the roses. Well, while there are no bouquets for sale in this fast food chain, there is actually a newly launched sandwich that features buns that are rose-flavored.

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According to The Nanfang, KFC China is now serving the “Rose cheese roasted chicken leg burger” as part of their new offering. At the same time, the fast food giant is also offering the “Black diamond bacon spicy chicken leg burger.” Both are now available at RMB 17.50 each. That’s about $2.80 a sandwich.

Moreover, some reports are claiming that KFC’s two new sandwiches may have been inspired by the Japanese anime “Puella Magi Madoka Magica.” After all, it is quite popular in China and features two girls – one with pink hair and the other, with black.

Upon seeing both of KFC’s new sandwiches, The Nanfang reports that one customer has already remarked, “So it’s a choice between pimples or blackheads.” Meanwhile, the Business Insider reveals that reactions to the new offerings are not exactly positive.

Struggling In China

KFC has reportedly been struggling in the China market for some time now. Its sales have been steadily declining for the past three years. Moreover, its recent quarter saw an alarming 10% decline in sales. Last year, one of its suppliers was shut down after it was found to be selling expired meat.

KFC is reportedly the largest restaurant chain in China. It boasts of as much as 4,500 locations.

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