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This Impromptu ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ Rendition At Lincoln Memorial Touches Hearts (WATCH)

This Impromptu ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ Rendition At Lincoln Memorial Touches Hearts (WATCH)
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This Impromptu ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ Rendition At Lincoln Memorial Touches Hearts (WATCH)

The crowd inside the Lincoln Memorial ended up getting treated to a powerful performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” thanks to a lovely woman who was encouraged to sing.

It does not appear that Star Genleah Swain planned to sing in the Lincoln Memorial Monument from the beginning. In fact, it looked like it came at the urging of a friend, a man whose face was never caught on camera.

It is also possible that the encouragement came from her husband, Craig Swain. What could be clearly seen, however, was Star looking around carefully, her face lighting up, excited. And then it happens. She begins to sing.

The crowd gathers in amazement. Everyone stops what they are doing and listen. The people inside the Lincoln Memorial stand still until Star finishes the song. And then, applause comes from everywhere. People come up to her to tell her she has a remarkable voice.

The video of Star’s impromptu singing has now been viewed at least 10 million times. R&B musician Nay Nichelle even remarked, “She needs to sing the National Anthem at the 2017 Super Bowl !!!!!”

Following the success of the video, Star said, “I am so wonderfully overwhelmed by the love and support shown by millions of people all over the nation and world.” Calls have kept coming for Star since her video went public, and Craig has been busy taking every call.

To him, Star said, “Hubby, you’re the best!” The couple is currently living in Tallahassee, Florida with their son, Craig Jr.

As for Star, she is grateful for everything that’s happening. “I am truly thankful to God that this moment has inspired so many of you, as it has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone. God bless you.”

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