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Imo Messenger announces discontinuation of third party chat services

Imo Messenger announces discontinuation of third party chat services


Imo Messenger announces discontinuation of third party chat services

Imo, a famous chat service has announced today that they are going to discontinue the support for third party chat services and messengers like Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Skype, AOL and many others. Imo messenger was started as a web based chat service but evolved as an amazing on premise app. Imo for iOS and Android also got fame.

This famous chat service was generous enough to inculcate the users who want to user the other chat services and websites for social hangouts through its own channel. For example, you can easily mesh in your Facebook or Yahoo contacts using Imo and chat around. But not now, Imo has clearly said that all the third party services usage from the Imo will go off permanently from March 3, 2014.

Experts have warned that the users must get the back up of all the contacts, chats, messages and lists of data before the permanent outage of Imo’s third party services. If you wish to download your chat history from third-party networks, you can do so until March 7 by visiting, clicking the top right gear, selecting “Preferences,” and selecting the “Export chat history” option.

Experts also suggest that the recent decision to cut off the third party usage from Imo is because of the heavy depletion of traffic from its own services. Most of the users used Imo to enjoy the all-in-one support from multiple chat services. Imo now says that it had enough of this generosity and it will no more sacrifice its own profits just to provide an ease for the users to use other’s services from its own line.

“Our goal in 2014 is to create the fastest and most reliable messaging, voice and video call service for users worldwide, and by focusing our expertise and time on these goals we hope to continue offering the best service possible to our users. In order to deliver on that promise, we’re continuing to focus on innovation, as evidenced by recently becoming the first consumer messaging app to incorporate WebRTC. We believe these changes will let us do what we do best: help people easily connect to the people they care about, wherever they are in the world.

“There is likely be a launch of a latest update of Imo without the third party features in March,” said a statement issued from Imo.

This is the time people will be able to see how much famous is Imo service as most of the users enjoyed Imo just to have the third party chatting services from other famous platforms.

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