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Illuminati in Texas? Guess Who Got Invited?

Illuminati in Texas? Guess Who Got Invited?
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Illuminati in Texas? Guess Who Got Invited?

The internet has been filled with theories and discussions about the Illuminati. As the buzz around the group seeking “New World Older” continues, Morning News USA got a taste of what it’s like to be part of the bubble. The publication just received an invitation to join the said group but what’s the real score?

A recent visitor posted on Morning News USA’s page claiming to be a member of the Illuminati. User Andrea Martins started the post saying:

“HELLO My name is ANDREA MARTINS a living testimony and a true member of the Illuminati; Do you want to be a member of the Illuminati and gain all that you seek in life, the Illuminati give wealth and all that you want to achieve in life wealth, power, fame, influence, popularity, this is an opportunity for you to achieve all that you dream of, just add me up on Facebook for more info and guidelines, or contact the grand-master on his Facebook.”

However, upon checking, Morning News USA cannot find any legitimacy in the claims made. This begs the question, why are people so fascinated with the idea of the Illuminati and even becoming a part of them? Who are they?

Historically, the term Illuminati is used to reference the Bavarian Illuminati – an Enlightenment-era secret society dating back to 1776. According to The Week, the group was founded by Adam Weishaupt who was an anti-clerical professor, seeking to limit the participation of the Church in public life. The secret society was founded on the principles of the Freemasons comprised of mysterious rituals and hierarchy. Eventually, it was named the Order of Illuminati.

The order reportedly vanished when the government decided to crackdown on secret societies but there is also word that it has persisted to this day. From then on, the public has continued guessing the members of the group placing powerful politicians, personalities, businessmen and celebrities in its ranks. In fact, the entertainment industry has been a constant subject of suspicion with personalities like Beyonce and Jay-Z reportedly part of the group.

Other suspected members include the Rothschilds, Bob Hope and Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. However, claims remain unsubstantiated to this day which is also perhaps the reason for the continued hype. The guesswork has thrilled the world over for centuries.

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