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IKEA Recalls Furniture After 2 Children Die

IKEA Recalls Furniture After 2 Children Die
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IKEA Recalls Furniture After 2 Children Die

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has recently announced the recall of “children’s and adult chests and dressers” following the deaths of two children. As part of their precaution, CPSC issued a statement saying, “CPSC and IKEA are urging consumers to inspect their IKEA chests and dressers to ensure that they are securely anchored to the wall. Consumers should move unanchored chests and dressers into storage or other areas where they cannot be accessed by children until the chests and dressers are properly anchored to the wall.”

Moreover, CPSC has also announced a repair program, in cooperation with IKEA, that will provide a free wall anchoring kit to IKEA customers who have purchased IKEA’s MALM 3-drawer chests, MALM 4-drawer chests, two styles of MALM 6-drawer chests as well as other chests and dressers. It has been found that the said chests and dressers can possibly tip over and result in injury or death if the said furniture are not securely anchored to the wall.

Furthermore, IKEA issued a statement regarding the repair program. The company said, “To help prevent furniture tip-over accidents, IKEA is offering to customers a wall anchoring kit free of charge. The kit contains replacement tip-over restraints, complete wall-anchoring hardware for common wall types, instructions, and warning labels to be affixed to the furniture. The kits will be available on-line and in stores for those who have previously purchased chests of drawers but not yet attached them to the wall. Customers purchasing new chests of drawers in IKEA stores and on line will also receive this kit.”

This follows after both IKEA and CPSC received reports back in 2014 that two children have died as a result of IKEA’s MALM chests tipping over and falling on them. In February 2014, a 2-year-old boy died as a result of a MALM 6-drawer chest tipping him over and pinning him against the bed. Meanwhile, in June 2014, a 23-month-old child also suffered a similar accident, this time with a MALM 3-drawer chest. IKEA US Commercial Manager Patty Lobell said, “We’re deeply saddened by this and hope that our efforts prevent further tragedies.”

Moreover, CPSC reports that IKEA has been aware of three more deaths related to the company’s chest and drawers since 1989.

Meanwhile, IKEA has also come up with the Safer Homes Together initiative. As Lobell explains, “At IKEA we are committed to helping raise the awareness of this serious home safety issue and to continue to provide consumers with the tools and knowledge they need to prevent these accidents. According to data from the CPSC, a child dies every two weeks in the U.S. from furniture, appliance or TV tip-overs. Since the 1990s, IKEA has provided wall-attachment hardware and instructions with its chests of drawers. By working together, we can help prevent these tragedies and make the home a safer place.”

CPSC reports that as much as 27 million chests and drawers are part of the recall, including 7 million MALM chests and 20 million other models of IKEA chests and drawers. Moreover, MALM chests subjected to recall are those sold beginning 2002. These chests retail for about $80 to $200.

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