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Idina Menzel New Album Release Date Update: ‘Idina’ Now Available For Pre-Order

Idina Menzel New Album Release Date Update: ‘Idina’ Now Available For Pre-Order
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Idina Menzel New Album Release Date Update: ‘Idina’ Now Available For Pre-Order

Idina Menzel will be releasing her new album titled ‘Idina’ on Friday, September 23. The Broadway singer is a multi-talented personality who not only lent her voice to Elsa, a character in Disney’s Frozen, but also sang the Oscar-winning song ‘Let It Go’ from the soundtrack of the same movie.

The album will be dropped by the 45-year-old Broadway icon under the Warner Bros. Records. A total number of 12 tracks will be featured on the album which includes, Small World, Like Lightning, Queen of Swords, I See You, Everybody Knows, Show Me, Last Time, I Do, Cake, Extraordinary, Perfect Story, and Nothin’ in This World.

Of the 12 tracks, four songs, Small World, Queen of Swords, I See You, and Perfect Story are available for download on iTunes and the Idina Menzel store on placing a pre-order for the entire album, The Morning Ledger reported. The full CD, however, would not be available on the stores before September 23. The Idina Menzel Album 2016 can also be pre-ordered on Target or Amazon music.

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Menzel announced her upcoming album on August 4, which was the same day co-Broadway singer Kristin Chenoweth announced hers. Both the icons rose to fame 13 years ago after they played the leads in the popular Broadway musical ‘Wicked.’

Menzel, the Tony Award-winning icon, has a diverse career that revolves around music, movies, television and stage. Following her performance of the multi-platinum song at the 86th Annual Academy Awards, she went on to become the first person in history to score at both the Billboard top 10 list and the Tony Awards.

Idina Menzel was first nominated for the Tony Award for her role as Maureen in ‘Rent’ and bagged the award for her role as Elphaba in ‘Wicked.’ Besides the cast albums, Menzel’s recording career boasts of solo albums ‘Here,’ ‘Still I Can’t Be Still,’ and ‘I Stand,’ the Broadway World reported.

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