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Ice Age In Britain: Winter Can Last Up To 1000 Years, Experts Warn

Ice Age In Britain: Winter Can Last Up To 1000 Years, Experts Warn
Bleak Winter John Morgan / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Ice Age In Britain: Winter Can Last Up To 1000 Years, Experts Warn

According to a recent horrifying research, climatic changes may cause the temperature to nose dive at a rate that was not seen even in the last 120,000 years.

Scientists are saying that “consequences for the climates of eastern North America and Western Europe.”

According to Daily Star, the weather experts in Britain, said that Gulf Stream that is known for bringing warm weather to the Britain is getting slowed down since 2004.

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Kathryn Kelly, a climate researcher, of the University of Washington, said that this is occurring as the warm Indian Ocean water is stooping to send the warm temperature in the north to the UK. Whereas, some other research says that the continuous change in the Gulf Stream may lead to a radical cooling of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Renowned Scientists from Stockholm University studied the fossils from the Eemian era; that was the time before the last Ice Age started on our green planet. They said that the fossils of plants and animals of this era depicted that the temperature reduced drastically across the globe at that time. As a result, the temperature was too low, approx. 40C for almost 500-1000 years.

Karin Helmens, the chief author of the study, of Stockholm University, said: “This may have been caused by melt water coming from the Greenland Ice Sheet, disrupting the North Atlantic Ocean circulation.

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“While the exact mechanism behind the sudden cooling still remains uncertain, the study illustrates the potential for major climatic instability in and around the North Atlantic region under future global warming.”

Tyler Roys, the Accuweather meteorologist, told Daily Star that Online changes to the Gulf Stream are essential to be examined going forward.

He said: “If the [ice age] pattern described before was seen more than once, aka occurring multiple times, confidence would be higher on conclusions about a possible new ice age.

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“But since this is just one occurrence, confidence is very low to non-existent because everything that happened back then is likely to not 100% match what is going on today. Therefore a different outcome is likely.” Meanwhile, Express UK already released the first pictures of winter in the country.

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