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IBM Calls for Entries for the ‘Watson Mobile Developer Challenge’

IBM Calls for Entries for the ‘Watson Mobile Developer Challenge’


IBM Calls for Entries for the ‘Watson Mobile Developer Challenge’

IBM had an announcement during the recent Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain. It is calling for talented developers to incorporate its Watson technology into their own apps. The giant technology firm has launched a contest that would award the best entries for this.

The ‘IBM Watson Mobile Developer Challenge’ was announced by IBM chief executive Ginni Rometty during his keynote presentation at the mobile congress. He described the contest as an opportunity for developers to incorporate their best ideas on how to leverage Watson technology.

He announced that there would be three winning entries or teams that would picked. Those would receive mentoring support from the company as well as access to sandbox, which would help create the next app powered by Watson. The goal is to help bring the technology into the market.

Game changer

In a statement, senior vice president of the IBM Watson Group Mike Rhodin said Watson could be a game-changing factor. Thus, he reiterated that the company is relying on mobile developers from all around the globe to begin building cognitive computing applications that are infused with the intelligence of Watson.

One of the goals of the project is to create apps that could deliver deeper insights so that consumers and businesses could instantly use those through the cloud. IBM added that the contest is about changing the very essence of the decision making process to actual insights from just ‘information at your fingertips.’

Watson kick-off 

This challenge is part of the big launch of IBM’s Watson Group, newly formed unit. The group would obtain $1 billion in seed capital from IBM. Of that amount, 10% of $100 million would be allocated specifically for software apps.

Watson is currently operating from its new office at 51 Astor Place, within the ‘Silicon Alley’ of New York. It comprises of a team with over 2,000 members. The group is tasked to make the technology mainstream especially in the fields of financial services, healthcare, travel, retail, and telecom.

IBM said the deadline for entries for the contest would be on March 31. The company intends to announce the 25 short-listed finalists by April 28. Those selected finalists would be give free access to Watson APIs so they would continue building on their ideas for apps. The final three entries would be announced and posted by May 31. So far, up to 1,500 organizations and individuals have already contacted the company for the details of the challenge. 

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