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Hyundai Sonata Is The First Car To Get Android Auto

Hyundai Sonata Is The First Car To Get Android Auto
Hyundai at IAA flightlog / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Hyundai Sonata Is The First Car To Get Android Auto

Android Auto is finally out in the market, and Hyundai is the first car-selling company to get it on its vehicles. The 2015 Sonatas are the first cars to get the system that will connect the vehicle with an Android device to provide better navigation.

Hyundai Sonatas, which are now arriving to dealers, already have the system installed. For customers who have purchased the car, they will get the update free of cost. Later this summer, it will be possible for car owners to download and install the system without guidance from the dealer.

According to the press release from Hyundai dated May 26, the Android Auto app will improve the safety of the vehicle. Once the driver connects the smartphone to the car, the car’s microphone will take control. The driver will be able to concentrate more on the road rather than the mobile device thanks to its dedicated screen and navigation system.

Android Auto software will lock the smartphone screen. This will keep drivers away from the temptation to use their phone. However, the apps running will be active in the background.

As far as Android device specification is concerned, Android Lollipop 5.0 or later is required. The user will need a micro-USB cable in order to connect the phone to the car. Once the user connects the phone to the Hyundai Sonata for the first time, the device will prompt to download the app from the Play Store. This has to be done when the car is parked.

Once the app is downloaded, there will be other apps that will be recognized by the Android Auto app. Google Now, Google Play Music, messaging and phone calls can be controlled by voice commands, keeping the hands free.

Android Auto is much similar to Apple CarPlay that was introduced a year ago. However, roadblocks could not be cleared at that point, and the app could not be launched properly.

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