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Son Of Asa Hutchinson Against Religious Freedom Bill

Son Of Asa Hutchinson Against Religious Freedom Bill
Image from Flickr by Chris Lawrence


Son Of Asa Hutchinson Against Religious Freedom Bill

Arkansas by Chris Lawrence

Image from Flickr by Chris Lawrence

Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas faced the heat of his son Seth Hutchinson when the latter resisted the passage of the ‘Religious Freedom’ bill.

Gov. Hutchinson has revealed the news on Wednesday when he was questioned about the bill. The news came as a big shock for some, who looked up to the influential family of Arkansas.

“It would be surprising to me if he didn’t do that,” said Shawn Standefer, a childhood friend of the younger Hutchinson, as quoted by The New York Times, adding the younger Hutchinson is always concerned about what is right.

“He’s always been concerned with justice, however he’s thought of it.”

According to the report, the younger Mr. Hutchinson warned his father that the proposal will harm the reputation and economy of Arkansas.

“I love my dad, and we have a good, close relationship,” Seth Hutchinson said on Wednesday. “But we disagree a lot on political issues. This is just another one, but a lot of families disagree politically. But we stay close.”

He said he is backed by several people who would persuade his father to take down the controversial bill.

Seth, 31, union organizer in Texas and son of Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson, told the Guardian that he emailed his father about the drawback of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) bill and also said he received a “very thoughtful response” from the government of Arkansas.

Opponents of the bill claimed that if it gets accepted in the legislature, it would discriminate gays and lesbians based solely on religious reasons.

Supporters of the bill reasoned that it is “substantially burdening” a person’s exercise of religion unless there is a “compelling interest.”

Hutchinson said that he has been successful in changing the decision of his father because “a lot of people took action, a lot of people stepped up the plate.”

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